The Nordic

AROS Shipping
has its home-ground in the Nordic transportation environment.
Below information about the Nordic society/countries – up North in the chilly winds.

The 5 small Nordic countries – situated in the very North/Northwest of Europe.
These countries have much in common in way of life, history and social structure.
Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland have a population of some 27 million citizen,
and even though all are independent countries – a Nordic Council via Ministers form
a Nordic-cooperation – enabling the small countries unite in different matter.

Sweden has some 10 million citizens, while Norway, Denmark and Finland have some 5 million each.
Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean has some 350.000 citizen – with historical strings to Denmark
in particular – like also Greenland and Faroe Island (both autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark).
Greenland is the largest Island in the world (located in the Arctics/North Atlantic Ocean – like Faroe Islands)

The Nordic countries known for a strong market-economy combined with labor-unions and a high
welfare financed by high taxes. The society has little social unrest, no poverty and a general high educational level.
The countries having different languages, however the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish languages
considered ‘mutually intelligible’ – meaning languages partly understood in neighboring countries.
Denmark, Norway and Sweden also known as the Scandinavian countries.

Denmark, Sweden and Finland are part of the E.U. (The European Union), which mean open borders
within these countries and E.U. Norway and Iceland having agreements with E.U. for trade and border crossings.

Most of the countries have huge uninhabited areas – so a lonesome hike for days is possible for sure and
especially in Greenland – so consider a local escort, as some of Greenland (+Svalbard) is Polar-bear-area.
Temperatures varies much in the Nordic countries – from south-Denmark to the very North and Artic areas.

Airports / ports in the Nordics:
– In Iceland the major port and airport is Reykjavik.
– In Denmark the major ports are Aarhus and Copenhagen – and Copenhagen the major airport
– In Greenland the major city/port/airport is Nuuk (minor cities serve as t/s-a/p for bigger aircraft).
– In Faroe Island the major city/port/airport is Thorshavn.
– In Sweden the major port is Gothenburg – while Gothenburg and Stockholm are the bigger airports.
– In Norway the major port and airport is Oslo – with several other minor ports/airports.
– In Finland the major port and airport is Helsinki – with several other minor ports/airports.

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